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Freezing Penguin
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Freezing Penguin is a web design company focused on you.
We feel that the right way to run a business is to always put the customer first. We know that happy customers stick around and spread the word, making us far more successful.

Knowing this, we considered how to make, and keep, our customers happiest.

First, we discuss what you have now, and what you want for the future. Using this information, we write up a quote for a website or campaign that fits your needs and budget

Next, We design your new site and campaign based on what your company needs and wants. We are professional designers and advertisers, so we can help shape the result to meet your needs, even if you are not quite sure what those needs are.

We show you what we have created. If you are like most clients, you will love the result! At this stage, we can always make changes as needed to make sure this is the exact site you were hoping for. If we went a direction you don't like - we are a creative group, so sometimes we can get a little carried away - then just let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make it perfect, even start from scratch!
And don't worry, at any point in the process, you can cancel and you will never pay us a dime!

Once we have found and perfected your ideal design, You will have two options:

we can either sell full rights to you for a one-time fee, after which, you can host, change, and use the site in any way you like.

Or, We can charge you a small monthly fee (often less than you are currently paying just for hosting), which includes hosting and updates - or more, depending on your needs. This plan is contract-free, so you can leave at any time, for any reason - though we would rather work with you to keep you as one of our happy clients!

Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy the new customers your new site helps generate!

Who is Freezing Penguin?
Andrew Benson
Penguin in Chief
Andrew started this company to help small businesses improve their online presence in a risk free, transparent, and honest way. He saw some companies offering web design services that resulted in outdated sites, while putting the client in a long term contract at prices of $60 or more a month for tiny, basic sites. He also saw many companies choosing alternatives that help a business owner build their own sites - which were a much better option than the first group, but still regularly cost upwards of $40 a month, and not all business owners are prepared to make a great looking site even with these tools.

His goal was to create a high quality web design company focused on creating high quality, unique sites for the same or lower cost as the terrible sites offered by these services.

Andrew has years of experience doing web development on everything from tiny, basic sites to huge eCommerce sites with tens of thousands of pages! He has studied advertising, along with design and product design at the University of Minnesota.