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Freezing Penguin
Web Design
Freezing Penguin offers affordable hosting for your website. While our hosting is mostly for customers of our design services, we can host most sites based on HTML, PHP, and MySQL for very affordable rates - as low as $3 a month for sites you update yourself, or as low as $10 a month for small sites we manage for you.

All of our monthly payment plans for custom web design include hosting and updates at no extra charge!

Blazing Fast

Our hosting is the fastest non-dedicated hosting around! What makes it so fast?
We start with cloud based, scalable servers with a very limited number of sites each - did you know that a shared server from one of the big names can have thousands of sites on it? It's true! That's great as a host, as it cuts costs down to almost nothing - but it means that there are a thousand sites all competing for processing and bandwidth.

Next, all our sites are hosted with images, css files, and javascript served from a high quality content delivery network (CDN). Once again, this costs a bit extra, but it means your visitors will be able to load the site faster no matter where in the word they are. This is the same technology that big companies use. Additionally, it helps reduce load on the main server even further.

Finally, for the sites we build, we start from the ground up designing for speed and low usage of resources - this makes for a faster site no matter the server, but also means less competition for resources once again.