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Freezing Penguin Web Design is here to help your small business succeed

We understand your needs. You need someone who can build you a professional website without charging big business prices. You need a site that's easy to update. One that can bring in more business and make you look like the great business that you are. You don't want a contract locking you into outrageous fees forever with no idea what kind of service you will get.

Freezing Penguin can help.

Our websites are professional, responsive, and super fast. But best of all, we will work with you to build your new site before you spend a dime on it. That's right, we build it first, you decide if you want to buy it after!


Our websites will make you look like the business you are: responsible, professional and trustworthy. We use big, beautiful images; crisp, clear text; and a responsive design that makes sure your customer has a great experience no matter what device they use.


responsive Responsive design means building your new site so it looks good and works well on a wide range of devices, everything from desktop to smartphone. The design lets the site resize, reflow, and add or remove components in a dynamic way depending on the size orientation and zoom of a user's device. An example might be showing a monthly calender of events off to one side of a large display, which could shrink down to the current week on a laptop, then to calender icon that expands out only when the user taps it on a tablet, and then all the way to a single menu icon that holds many other items as well when seen on a phone.

We build the fastest sites

Did you know you can lose 7% of your visitors with every second your site takes to load? That means that a site helping you make $5000 a month is losing $700 when it takes just 2 seconds to load! Not only that, but Google uses speed as a factor in their ranking algorythms, so you can even get more visitors with a faster site. While there are often tradeoffs in speed vs. other factors in making a great site, speed is critical to your success. That's why we design with speed in mind from the start. We also use servers with loads a fraction of what most low cost hosting services run to be sure we don't lose the speed to a slow server.


Our websites start at about $350 one-time or $25/month, but if you have a larger budget, your results will really show it. Our goal is to give you more for the money than anyone else, but truly great sites have a real cost due to the time they take to design, build and optimize. We are so confident in our value that we will build your site before you make any commitment whatsoever. All we ask is that you work with us to figure out your needs and to understand your budget - we don't want to build you a super basic site when what you really need is something more; you wont be happy with it, and it will have no chance to make us a profit.

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