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Web Design
Our core business at Freezing Penguin is designing great new websites! We offer some of the lowest rates around, but don't take that as a sign of poor quality; We just know that happy customers spread the word, so we make less on each one, but more in the end!

Freezing Penguin can host your site, new or old, on our servers for very competitive rates! Contact us to figure out how we can meet your needs and save you money!

Freezing Penguin offers marketing services covering a broad range of categories.

Search Engine Optimization
We can help you with anything from the basics, like meta tags and creating high quality content, to natural back link building and other external ranking factors.

Freezing Penguin is ready to help you set up and optimize a profitable search advertising campaign. Search advertising can be a wonderful tool, as your visitors will be well targeted and quantifiable. But beware of doing it yourself! The costs can easily go out of control if you don't know what keywords to target. In fact, a good campaign manager can get you more customers for less money, even after paying their fee, just by writing more effective copy and using all the available tools to help find the most profitable keywords

Freezing Penguin also offers a limited selection of offline advertising services. We can help you put together a print or radio campaign, or even basic video advertising. While this is not one of our core areas, we have a background in advertising, so we are ready and willing to help you create a successful campaign!

Freezing Penguin can do anything from graphic design to sign printing, business consulting to press releases. If you have a job you want to hear if we can do, just let us know - we will get you a quote, or help you find someone who can get your job done right.