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Freezing Penguin is the best choice for your business because we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. All our services are available on a month to month basis, and all of our design work is done before you commit to even one month with us. This removes all the risk from you, and puts it on us, where it belongs! Put simply, you can always choose us to see what we can do, even if you don't think you want to pay for a new site. Then, after we have created it, you can decide if it is worth the cost (which may be little or nothing at all!), or if you want to stick with the site you have. If you decide not to buy the new one, you are out nothing but the time to meet with us. There are no hidden costs, no contracts, and no commitments of any kind!

Designed for Speed

We understand and care to make your site fast in a way that few competitors will. Everything from our hand coded approach to our careful planning and optimizing are designed to give you a higher quality result than anyone else.

Basic SEO: included

SEO (search engine optimization) is a big job, and poorly understood by most designers. At Freezing Penguin, we know SEO. If requested, we can do a full SEO campaign, but for every site, we do the basics. This is things like a sitemap, appropriate site structure, reasonable content optimization, meta tags, etc.
This is not a replacement for dedicated SEO work, but is enough to make a huge difference in most customers' rankings. It also means that if you ever decide to hire us or someone else as an SEO, the costs versus results are likely to be significantly better.

We understand the difference between a 301 and 302 redirect (too many design firms don't), and will never tell you to do something like use a Flash-based site, which risks absolutely killing your rankings. If our new site has different URLs, we redirect the old to the new to pass on the existing PageRank and 'link juice'.